Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Sunflower Tribute

The weather in Northern Colorado has cooled down, finally. We had nearly a month of 90+ days, making gardening an unpleasant chore. We spent most of our energy watering to keep the gardens alive and weeding. While the heat here was nothing like the heat my brother was suffering in the Texas Hill Country near Austin with temps in excess of 100 for nearly two months and the devastating drought, the dry Colorado heat did zap of us our energy. We'd wait until late evening when it cooled down to venture out, or we would try do our garden chores early in the morning, both quite pleasant times of the day; however, we then battled mosquitoes. Last week the rain came. Daytime temperatures dipped to the 50s. Today it is cool and slightly foggy. Soon it will frost, then the garden will be done, and we will do the clean up and plant the bulbs.The mountains received a slight dusting of snow, bringing on the Ski Chatter--that's all it take, you know, for the skiers to get excited. As Fall slowly descends, we welcome the cooler, golden days of late September and October with the changing of the colors. So as we say goodbye to summer, I do so with a tribute to the glorious sunflower that we all love.

Sunflower Anomalies 

A Symbiotic Relationship


  1. There is nothing quite so lovely as a field of golden sunflowers, seen in the South of France.

  2. I love sunflowers, great photographs and verse. I am sure you will enjoy my posts when I get round to doing them as we were in Liverpool the other day!!

    We are home from Southport and off to France tomorrow for a few days, hopefully visiting Paris and Giverny, Monet's Garden.

    Have a good week, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  3. Great sunflower photos. The 'Sunflower Sisters' poem is really good. Kelli

  4. Love those pretty Sunflowers and the poems, too.

  5. Hi Ann! I haven't been over in a while! It's lovely to hear your voice!
    I AM enjoying the cooler weather very much. Bill's been yanking out the sunflowers and the cosmos, cutting down the iris, and trimming trees. I have done nothing but pick a few flowers! How's the term going?

  6. I love your 'ode'! Sunflowers are the perfect go-between summer & fall. And so giant & beautiful. Rays of sunshine XOL

  7. Beautiful sunflowers! It makes me want some for my garden, maybe I can find a dwarf kind

  8. Glorious sunflowers, no doubt. I have just harvested the seeds to eat and intend to grow new ones again. Oh! Summer never ever ends here.

    Great poem! Almost outshine the sunflowers.

  9. Oh how I love sunflowers! If only I wouldn't stop sneezing around them. A beautiful tribute!
    I don't know how I get my pies to turn out like they do, I just use more filling than the recipe calls for and wing it.
    I liked the poem too.

  10. Ann, you're a professor, no wonder you love Emily!

    Love your lifestyle.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog!


  11. Oh Ann,
    I adore this so much! beautiful pictures and i think we should be sunflower sisters too i love it,

  12. Looks like the sunflowers enjoyed the heat...they are beautiful.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. What a fantastic post about one of my favourite flowers! love the photos and the words. Thank you Ann

  14. My first visit to your blog, I so glad I found it-I enjoyed the sunflower poems!
    Snow?? Already!? Way too soon, isn't it? I guess snow is important to your economy there, but I despise it. Love the sunflower collage, the grey sky makes the sunflowers that much more vibrant!

  15. Ann, thank you! I would love some seeds.
    Let me know of your email and I'll send you my address. would you want some seeds too? let me get organized and I will show you what I have. Thank you very much

  16. You must be crazy busy this time of year- I miss your more frequent posting!

  17. I loooooooove sunflowers - but none of my seeds have sprouted yet! I was brave and planted some directly around the chicken coop. Hmm. No points for guessing what happened to those! Enjoy the golden light that autumn days bring.

  18. People have their preferences when it comes to flower tributes to funerals. Say for instance my grandpa liked yellow and white Chrysanthemums while my grandma liked white roses. I think sunflower is unique and for me it symbolises happiness and good days.

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