Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Week in Review

The garden just keeps producing and so do the hens. Here's a recap of the week at the Garden Spot.

Mrs. Bok at The Bok Flock wrote about the smallest chicken eggs. I am not sure just where this little pullet egg would place, but it is our smallest egg so far. We average 6-8 eggs a day now from the 12 hens. One of the two brown leghorns must just be starting to lay. And the silly gals all use the same nesting box most of the time. They have six to choose from, but seem to prefer a warm nest, I guess.

The little white egg is pretty tiny next to the largest egg. Yes, it is green and will probably have a double yoke. The two Americanas lay the green eggs and were the first to start laying.

We dug our first potatoes the other night. How exciting-- our own potatoes. We only planted one row of yukon gold and red potatoes. They did okay. The soil wasn't amended, so next year we plan to plant two rows and study up on how to increase the production.

I fixed fried potatoes for supper. I was a bit disappointed in the yukon golds. They didn't seem to fry up crispy. Martha Stewart says they are best for mashed potatoes. 

Cucumbers coming out of our ears. Nice red cabbage, and baby new potatoes. 

Today I made bread and butter pickles. Here, they soak in the brine.

8 pints of pickles

The garden is still producing full force, so Sunday night I pick a basket full of goodies for faculty at work. They especially love the eggplant. I had to laugh the other day because some faculty are hoarding eggplant, hiding them their mailboxes in the faculty work room. 

As late as it is in the season, there is a new face in the garden: Heidi Biscuit, I call her. She is a very late bloomer. (I guess she prefers to sleep in) So late, in fact, that she doesn't even poke herself out of the soil until around the 4th of July. When I questioned the nurseyman in the spring complaining that the hibiscus hadn't come up yet, he laughed and said that it would emerge in July. I thought he was nuts. Guess not.

One of the summer' s last blooms, a pretty, dark pink cosmos

The Rudbeckia and blanket flowers have gone to seed quite early. I think they just gave up in the late summer heat. Even my chrysanthemums have already faded.

However, I have several volunteer rudbeckia that are growing strong; of course, they came up from seed much later than the others.

So that was the week that was here in the Garden Spot. Fall is just days away. Finally the temperatures have left the 90s that were just so hard on the garden and (and humans).  I've  ordered my spring bulbs, so we aren't done gardening yet. I already have a list of projects for next spring. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week.


  1. Hi Ann, wow, that is good to have your own eggs and vegetables, very self sufficient. You need a cow or goat now for the milk!!

    I have my Spring bulbs, well tulips, but haven't got round to planting them yet.

    We are visiting Monet's Garden at Giverny soon so hope to get some inspiration, probably not the best time of year though!!

    Have a great week, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  2. So much rain here, I've barely had a chance to get outside! Finally clear this weekend but busybusybusy with wedding stuff!

  3. What a bounty you got this year....Oh my, that is a small egg, and so cute too. Did you crack it open?

  4. It's the smallest egg I think I ever seen. What fun you are having picking your own eggs from your own chickens, and pickling yummy cukes from your own garden. I so envy you right now, but I learn something new every time I visit your blog.

    Lots of fun and success for you as well the next growing season.

  5. Your veggies have done so well, not so here. With all the heat we've had, you would think I would be having a banner year for tomatoes and peppers, but not so. That frog in my blog pix? Well, I happened to lift up my stepping stone, and there he was! So I went in, grabbed my camera, and tried again. I had to move quick before he hopped away.

  6. A garden producing at full force. How wonderful! 8 fresh nutritious eggs daily is something to look forward to.

  7. What I would give to be overrun with such beautiful veggies! And canning...sigh. One day for me, one day.

    I am pretty close to the liberating age now, and I completely understand Oprah's words. Thanks for such a supportive comment.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Hi Ann,
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    My mouth is watering over the pan of potatoes! It makes me want to make fried eggs and potatoes for dinner. Maybe I will.

  9. That sure is a tiny egg, it looks very special.
    so good to see your garden keeps producing full force. Those vegetables look very tasty

  10. Great post and super photos. The basket of veg is really nice, lovely looking eggplant/aubergine. What an egg difference huh! You've done great with cucumbers too. Looks a busy time of year for you! P.S. I like the 'fall look' you've given your blog.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I grew up in a family that had chickens... I get nostalgic for it sometimes but can't handle any more on my plate with all my other interests. It's kind of funny that I think of so many things that are now 'in', were things that I was embarrassed about as a kid... hard wood floors, burning wood, and raising your own eggs come to mind! Larry

  12. So what do you make with all the eggs? I would be cooking omelettes if I had a surplus.
    Your pickles look so tasty, they made my made mouth water just seeing them in those jars! My mom used to make sweet pickles and they were always eaten with tuna sandwiches. YUM!
    So glad your harvest is bountiful!

  13. Hi Ann! You little egg is so little! :) About the same size as the little white one I posted, that one was 3 cm in length. I love your sunflowers, I can't wait for the seeds I've sown to pop up! I love your pickles. My cucumbers didn't do so well last year. I'll try again this year though!

  14. Hi Ann,
    Your food pictures are making me hungry! And your sunflowers look great! How come I am the only one that doesn't get sunflowers with giant heads? Actually I did once, it was an accident when some seed fell out of a bird feeder. But when I try to grow it I get small flowers that never quite make it. Thanks for sharing.